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Ace Combat 7: Top Gun Maverick (Playstation 4)

Ace Combat 7: Top Gun Maverick (Playstation 4) 3391892024609
Playstation 4 Game
Bandai NamcoEAN: 3391892024609

Ace Combat 7: Top Gun Maverick (Playstation 4)

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Become an ace pilot and take to photo-realistic skies in the ultimate flight and combat simulator series: ACE COMBAT.

Nothing beats the feeling of soaring through the air with 360 degrees of freedom, relying on your flying and fighting instincts to take down the enemy and power through any difficulty. Based on the theme of aerial innovation, the latest installment boasts the most spectacular aerial combat yet, taking you through cloud-filled skies that bring the game to life.

Contains the main game ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN plus the TOP GUN: Maverick Aircaft Set.

Content contained in the TOP GUN: Maverick Aircraft Set:
  • 6 new playable aircraft:
    • F-14A Tomcat
    • F-14A Tomcat | Top Gun: Maverick
    • F/A-18E Super Hornet
    • F/A-18E Super Hornet | Top Gun: Maverick
    • 5th Gen Fighter | Top Gun: Maverick
    • DarkStar
  • Emblems and callsigns from the film:
    • Total of 10 Emblems including Maverick, Hangman, Payback, Rooster, and Bob, along with two logos from the film.
    • Total of 12 Callsigns including Goose, Cougar, and more!
  • Music based on classic tracks for play in multiplayer mode:
    • “Top Gun Anthem“ (arranged by Keiki Kobayashi)
    • “Danger Zone“ (arranged by Keiki Kobayashi)
Key Features:
  • Discover 50 aircraft across all game modes

  • Fly with freedom in breathtakingly beautiful but harsh environments

  • Customise your plane and weapon loadouts

  • Battle for supremacy online with up to 8 players

  • Engage the enemy with a wide range of powerful weaponry and tactics

  • Take advantage of the weather and your surroundings to get the upper hand

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