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Colossus Down (PS4)

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Colossus Down (PS4)

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Colossus Down has a mixture of brute force delivery with lots of fantastic environments that lead the player to plenty of hilarious situations through a narrative driven adventure. Strategic destruction, decision making and a spicy plot come together in this one of a kind action game.

Nika is a smart seven year old girl who doesn’t like the world she lives in, so she used her skills to build MechaNika, a ten feet tall combat mecha to destroy everything that is not awesome. Soon she will realize that she is not the only one with “special” plans in the world, so she will have to deal with them somehow…

MechaNika is equipped with four threatening weapons that make her a deadly mecha of mass destruction: mutilating radial saw, stunning electro-ray emitter, explosive dollhead grenade launcher, and heavy mass propellant.

You will also be collecting scrap metal from the defeated enemies and destroyed environments. With this scrap you will be able to increase the energy of MechaNika's core level and unlock new special attacks, like the dumbshredder, the electroblast, the pyrorain and the groundcracker.

The mecha has an infinite source of energy and will absorb all the enemy damage transforming it into heat, but there’s a limit, so you and Nika will have to keep MechaNika operational gathering all the coolant you can and using it wisely in the battlefield.

Nika can’t wait to destroy everything she hates... BUT! As she explores the Psychotic Universe she will meet many freak folks and face some unexpected situations where things may not be what they seem. She will have to use her wit to evaluate the possible outcomes and make some tough and irreversible decisions.

Nika has a friend, Agatha. She is an insomniac girl that loves animals, enjoys eating meat, and works in her mother’s butcher shop slaughtering piglets and chicks at night. Oh, and she just created Carnivorism, a new religion for animals. Agatha and The Great Bleeding Pig, God of Carnivorism, will join Nika and MechaNika in their destruction quest, spreading the word of their meaty religion and converting all heretics.

This cooperative mode for two players will feature new narrative events and a new layer of deeper strategic combat thanks to the new set of skills of the Pig God: the magic meatball, the corrosive blood tears and, obviously, an extra sharp butcher's knife. Four additional special attacks will also be available for the Great Bleeding Pig to unlock during the quest: the chopping tornado, the purifying herd, the scarlet vomit and the divine retribution.

  • Join forces with Nika, get behind the controls of MechaNika and bring an end to everything that isn't cool.

  • Convert your mission into a cooperative experience for 2 players with Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig.

  • Manage your resources during combat and execute endless, strategic combos to cause more and more harm to your enemies.

  • Unlock the dumbshredder, the chopping tornado, the groundcracker, the scarlet vomit and up to 8 devastating special attacks.

  • Take on innumerable challenges in a combination of beat'em up, shoot'em up, platforming and puzzles.

  • Discover the Neon District, Candyland and the rest of the Psychotic world through 18 totally distinct levels.

  • Locate all of the geeky references, illustrated in a unique visual style.

  • Take crucial and thought-provoking decisions during your quest and discover the 4 alternative endings for this epic and twisted adventure.

  • Complete the mission with infinite lives or with just one chance in permadeath mode, if you dare...

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