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Maglam Lord (Playstation 4)

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Playstation 4 Game
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Maglam Lord (Playstation 4)

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MAGLAM LORD is a vibrant action JRPG straight from the depths of hell! Boasting exploration, real-time combat, weapon crafting and relationship building, MAGLAM LORD is an unexpected combination that truly has no equal.

  • Take on the role of a Demon Lord, as your body becomes a mythic weapon to restore your former powers

  • Genre-defying gameplay with fast-paced and intuitive hack ‘n' slash style real-time combat

  • Craft and customise weapons, forging unique blades with a huge variety of special effects and decorations

  • Find your true soulmate as you fight alongside your allies and build relationships with dating sim elements

  • Choose a male or female protagonist, each with unique art and voice acting

  • 20+ DLC packs with content from franchises such as the 'Tales of' Series!

  • Coming to the West for the first time on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

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