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Railway Empire - Complete Collection (PS4)

Railway Empire - Complete Collection (PS4) 4020628714536
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Railway Empire - Complete Collection (PS4)

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It’s the Industrial Revolution, and the steam locomotive revolution is conquering the continents of the known world, with these great “Iron Horses” kickstarting a fierce race for supremacy on rails.

The Railway Empire Complete - Collection takes aspiring tycoons onboard the ultimate railway journey. The collection contains the main Railway Empire game with all updates plus all 8 DLCs: Mexico, the Great Lakes, Crossing the Andes, Great Britain & Ireland, France, Germany Northern Europe and Down Under.

Live your dream of running your very own global railway company from 1830 to 1930. Build and expand a wide-ranging rail network to connect stations and transform remote locations into booming urban metropolises. Make good use of the broad selection of historical locomotives and new technologies at your disposal to assure your rail routes work at an optimal capacity and are efficiently set up for the transportation of passengers and goods. However, you can’t just build and research your way to the top – the competition never sleeps, and to keep your business on track you’ll have to survive against up to three rival tycoons.

  • Exploit the economic opportunities of the United States in an extensive campaign, working your way step by step from coast to coast across this great continent.

  • Lead your Railway Empire to success by establishing a comprehensive rail network and optimizing transportation of passengers and goods.

  • Master challenges and objectives through a range of scenarios, or create your perfect railway network without any financial pressure in construction mode.

  • Over 40 historically accurate locomotives and more than 30 different wagons.

  • Invest in over 300 new technologies to maximize the potential of your rail network.

  • Compete with up to three rival companies, and even sabotage their efforts with the use of bandits and spies.

  • ‘Ride Along’ feature allows you to explore your rail network and beautiful scenery from the driver’s cab in a first-person perspective.

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