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Rescue HQ (PS4)

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Rescue HQ (PS4)

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Are you up for the challenge of keeping safe the citizens of your city?

Begin by building the rescue headquarters from scratch to manage three emergency departments – police, fire and ambulance. You will need to manage and organise the individual needs of each team – carefully distributing what is initially a small budget.

As you develop the HQ you can expand the crews and buy the new, state of the art equipment and vehicles they will need to successfully complete the tasks. You will need to consider how to handle large events which require the services of each team – take difficult decisions about new investments, ensure you have sufficient staff to handle the challenges and of course make sure they are not exhausted and overworked. With time and resource constantly scarce having well planned assignments and a motivated team is vital.

Once you have the station running efficiently and duty rotas planned, take a minute to survey all you have created as you staff deal with prisoners and injured people. You will need a cool head to deal with concurrent emergencies and keep on top of situations that can easily spiral out of control.

Keep calm, your city needs you!

  • Two cities – based on New York and Berlin with corresponding EU and US vehicles

  • Unforeseen emergencies to deal with continually

  • Teams bustling with urgency as in real-life situations

  • Day and night cycle with shifts and varying types of emergency

  • Specific equipment and teams skills for each department

  • Additional rooms such as kitchens, staff rooms and training rooms and garaging for large vehicles

  • Expand the HQ by purchasing adjacent land for building

  • Increase your success not only with money but also by good reputation and repeat business

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