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Total War: ROME II - Caesar Edition (PC)

Total War: ROME II - Caesar Edition (PC) 5055277032556
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Total War: ROME II - Caesar Edition (PC)

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Including the award-winning Total War: ROME II plus two epic campaign expansion packs, this limited edition release celebrates one of the greatest military commanders in history.

  • Play as Caesar himself - or one of his many contemporaries - and command the most powerful war machine of the ancient world.

  • Combining statecraft, empire building, and conquest with epic real-time battles, this striking vision of the classical era is the definitive grand-strategy experience.

  • Design and develop your empire from the ground up, pursuing new lines of civil and military research.

  • Establish your supremacy by managing your faction's internal politics and external diplomacy.

  • Build grand cities to generate resources and fuel your growing war machine.

  • Assemble mighty armies and control them directly across breathtaking battlefields of the ancient world.

The Caesar Edition includes:
  • Total War: ROME II: The award-winning PC strategy game - At its heart lies the Grand Campaign, an epic campaign map that stretches from the tip of Scotland to the sands of North Africa, from the coast of Portugal to the Middle-East.

  • Caesar in Gaul Campaign Expansion Pack - A war of great profit and glory for Caesar, this conflict made him extremely popular with the people of Rome, though less so with the senators, who saw him gathering power to himself in a series of events that ultimately led to his dictatorship.

  • Imperator Augustus Campaign Expansion Pack - Set in 42 BC during the chaotic aftermath of Julius Caesar's betrayal and grisly murder, the Imperator Augustus Campaign Pack puts players at the outbreak of one of the bloodiest civil wars ever fought.

  • Julius Caesar eBook by Dr Nic Fields from Osprey Publishing

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