Nintendo Switch Game Release Date: 19.08.2022

Zenith (Nintendo Switch)

Zenith (Nintendo Switch) 5056607400083
Nintendo Switch Game Release Date: 19.08.2022
BadLand GamesEAN: 5056607400083

Zenith (Nintendo Switch)

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Zenith is an action RPG that combines that classic RPG feel with a generous dose of humor and parody. The game features a solid storyline that unfolds in a fantasy world populated by unorthodox and hilarious characters. Argus has lived hundreds of adventures, explored ruins, accidentally unleashed the apocalypse, saved the world... but he's already exhausted and wants to settle down. But this isn't easy when you keep a powerful magical artifact secret. What new adventure will destiny bring?

  • Frenetic action: Argus may be erudite, but he's quite agile when it comes to fighting magic and monsters.

  • Varied range of spells: Forget oxidized daggers, Argus is a magician, so use spells. Choose and perfect your favorite item or all of them.

  • Puzzles: It's a world full of magicians, normal locks are for peasants.

  • Customize the Argus team: Get lost from head to toe! How lucky you feel when you find something your size.

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